The Catholic University of America

Workshop Offerings

Are Your Standards Too High?

Alcohol. We think we know what it is and how it might affect us, but do we know the whole story? In this interactive workshop students will work together to find out. The presentation focuses on understanding standard drinks and your blood alcohol content (BAC) and what it means to drink responsibly. Students will be empowered to make their own educated decisions about alcohol consumption.

Alcohol Attitudes

What is your attitude towards alcohol? How do you feel about policies, laws, college drinking "norms", and the campus climate here at CUA? The PEERS will facilitate an activity that gets students thinking and discussing different attitudes towards alcohol. This is a great activity for both first-year students and upperclassmen, and will really get your group talking.

Fatal Vision Goggles

A sobering view of what impairment can do! Fatal vision goggles allow the wearer to experience a realistic simulation of impairment. PEERS will faciliate activities to demonstrate how intoxication impacts various functions, and discuss strategies for avoiding dangerous blood alcohol content (BAC) levels. 

Hashing Out the Truth

There are plenty of myths about Marijuana. This interactive workshop aims to clarify some of those misconceptions. Using either a trivia, bingo, or jeopardy style game, the PEERS create a fun and informative way to share some of the important information that young people need to know!

Is There Anybody Out There?

Mental health is not a topic often talked about, especially in the college setting. PEERS wants to change that. Opening the honest conversation-based woskshop about mental health, facilitators first identify stygmas and stereotypes to allow everyone to leave their baggage at the door. After working through different scenarios, you will know how to better talk about mental health issues and how to be there for a friend!

Test Your Knowledge!

Myths surrounding alcohol are common on a college campus. With so much misinformation, it is hard to know what is true and what is not. Let the peer educators test your group's knowledge and set the record straight. The peer educators can also bring a trivia display board to an event you are already planning to add an educational component to your program. 

We Are Called

We are all called not to be bystanders and to intervene when our friends and others need help.  This workshop will teach you the different types of intervention skills, the possible obstacles that may inhibit bystander intervention, and how to intervene in a way that matches the situation and fits your personality and comfort level.  Note: This session will include a discussion of sexual assault and violence and the resources available for support.